Good food, comfortable surroundings – “I'll get the drinks!”

Almere has a very diverse mix of catering available. Dine out on the water, in the city centre or right in amongst the trees – with friends, in a crowd, or perhaps on a romantic dinner for two... Check below and see where you would prefer.

  • Bars & cafés

    Just want a beer? Or are you more of a cocktail lover?

  • Restaurants

    Each of Almere's zones has lots of original restaurants just waiting to be discovered – by you

  • Enjoy your lunch

    Get out of the office at lunch time – or leave the housework until later. Meet friends! Have lunch served – just a snack choose!

  • Out on the town

    A nice meal before hitting the pubs? Maybe some people-watching from that pavement café before heading for the clubs? Or how about some fine dining?

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