Haddock canoe hire

Haddock Watersport, operating from the Weerwater lake, hires out canoes for individuals, companies, schools and other groups. There is a large selection ranging from 1 or 2 man canoes to Canadian canoes. You can make some beautiful trips from the Weerwater lake, varying in length from about one hour to a full day’s paddling. After a great canoe trip, you can enjoy a well deserved rest and a treat at Eetcafé Haddock's terrace on the water.

Haddock Watersport has a large selection of canoes ranging from 1 or 2 man canoes to Canadian canoes. If you arrive with a group, the participants can all make their own individual choices. The Canadian canoes are suitable for 3 adults, or two adults and two children. You can also take children still too young to paddle in the 2 man and Canadian canoes; life vests are available in a range of sizes and are included in the hire charge.

It is also possible to hire a Haddock instructor, who will take care of a fun trip, for example for a school class or a children's party. Depending on numbers and distance, canoes can also be delivered to other locations. Please contact us for details.

Have a look at the website for more information.


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