SEC Survivals outdoor park

Company outing, bachelor party, teambuilding, club excursion or an active (children's) party? There are few better choices than SEC Survivals outdoor park.

Feel like some action packed partying? SEC Survivals Outdoor Park turns everything into a festivity for young and old alike. 

Along with your family, children, colleagues or friends you can enjoy the exciting activities throughout; go canoeing, try survival trekking, or perhaps a decathlon, archery, do a golf clinic, 'farm' golf, paintball or even a scooter trail. The packages are athletic and challenging, but never fail to remember the main ingredient: Fun! The outdoor activities are accessible to all, even if you're not the sporty type. 

The programme will be adapted to the group's make up and aligned with the participants' wishes. You can for example choose a challenging and boundary-pushing survival trek, a competitive decathlon, a splashing canoe trip or a more relaxed programme of 'farm' golf. 

Have a look at the website for prices.

The day can be rounded off in good spirits with something to eat and drink in our attractive Panda hut or on our spacious café terrace. 

SEC Survivals possesses its own outdoor terrain of 50,000 m2 in the Almeerderhout forest area. There are catering facilities plus a pleasant café terrace, where you can have something to drink or even enjoy a full BBQ. 

Located close to the A6 motorway and with ample parking space SEC, Survivals Outdoor Park is easy to reach. 

For prices, have a look at the website.

The day can be rounded off in good company with something to eat and drink, either in the cosy Panda hut or on the spacious café terrace.

SEC Survivals boasts its own 50,000 m2 outdoor terrain in the Almeerderhout forest, professionally prepared and ready for exciting and athletic activities. There is also an attractive catering area, where you can enjoy something to drink or even a full-on BBQ. 
Located close to the A6 motorway with ample free parking, the SEC Survivals outdoor park is easy to access.

For more information, have a look at the website.

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