Package: Segs in the City

A number of tours have been organised in Almere perfect for discovering the city’s most beautiful and fun places. You can always find something delicious to eat or drink along the way in one of the many restaurants.

Our tours can be booked for 2 or more participants.

Segway prices:

2 hour Segway Tour: € 40 per person

Guide/instructor: € 30 per tour

To book a tour, have a look at

Segway Package
The tour starts with a refreshing tea or coffee and treat at the BoatHouse restaurant.

You can then mount your Segway and enjoy one of the trips below: 

City and architecture route: Discover Almere’s amazing architecture in the city centre as well as the various districts.

Water route: Tour Almere's lakes, canals and streams.

Nature route: Almere has some lush green moments; take this tour through the stunning areas of natural beauty in and around the city.

All tours last approximately 2 hours.
You can enjoy a delicious lunch en route.
The minimum age for operating a Segway is 16.

The tour requires at least eight participants.

Prices from € 62.50 per person.

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