Almere is located close to Amsterdam and easily reached by car or public transport. You can read more information and tips regarding your trip to the Netherlands’ youngest city here.

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

On sale at the VVV Almere Tourist Info
The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is a special ticket facilitating public transport in and around the Amsterdam region. The ticket is valid on the Connexxion, GVB and EBS metro, trams and busses, as well as the Dutch railway (NS) in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This works similar to the Dutch national public transport card, but is restricted to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. You can choose a card for one, two or three days (see below).

• A one day card is € 18.50
• A two day card is € 26.00
• A three day card is € 33.50

Conditions apply to the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket:

  1. The tickets are valid on all GVB, Connexxion, EBS tram, bus and metro lines (including night lines) and NS trains in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.
  2. Tickets are valid per calendar day. The card will be activated immediately you check in for the first time. A day starts at midnight and ends at 4am the following day.
  3. You are required to check in and check out every time you board or exit any means of transport.
  4. These tickets are not valid on Syntus or Arriva (with the exception of the Arriva bus lines to the Keukenhof).

The tickets are available from the VVV Almere Tourist Info, address:
De Diagonaal 199.

Public transport

You can come to Almere by bus or train. There are direct rail connections between Almere and Utrecht, Amsterdam, Groningen, Den Haag and other cities, either by 'Intercity' or by 'Sprinter'. Almere has five train stations. The Intercity only stops at the Almere Centrum and Almere Buiten stations, while the Sprinter stops at all stations. There is also a direct train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Almere which takes about 30 minutes.
There are regional busses from Almere to Schiphol and from Almere to Zeewolde and Amersfoort.
In addition, red/grey R-net busses run between Almere and Amsterdam. The R-net bus service is high frequency and reliable, among other things as it runs on its own bus lane, avoiding the usual traffic hold-ups.

Discovering the surrounding region

The best way to discover Almere and its surroundings is by bike. Bikes are available for rent from the VVV Almere Tourist Info, located at De Diagonaal 199 in Almere Centrum. You will also find some outstanding cycling routes at the VVV Almere Tourist Info, taking you past some amazing places in town. You can reserve a bike now by contacting the VVV Almere Tourist Info.


Estimated travel time from Amsterdam to Almere is approximately 30 minutes. You can use Google Maps to plan your route. There are ample parking options available in Almere's city centre.

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