Did you know that Almere benefits from over 42 kilometres of coastline and has the largest catamaran beach in the whole of Europe? This long coastline is jewelled with beaches, where you can play, relax or swim to your heart's content. Young and old, big and small, Almere's beaches are freely accessible to all. Grab your bike, take the car or board a bus or train and make for the beach.

Beaches throughout Almere

There are beaches dotted throughout the entire Almere region. Examples of popular locations include the Lumière beach, Almeerder beach and the Noorderplassen beach. These beaches are always well visited during the summer months giving you that real ‘seaside’ holiday feeling. Take the plunge in any of the lakes, whilst soaking up the beautiful weather. There is always a beach near you wherever you are.

Everything within easy reach

Many beaches sport a bustling restaurant or café, where you can enjoy an ice cold refreshment or grab a tasty bite. Ice cream sellers service the seriously parched, so you’re never too far from a cool treat. Most Almere beaches have public toilet facilities and showers. Indeed everything you need for a great, carefree day out.

Fun water sports

Almere, rich in water, is of course well known for its focus on water sports. The Weerwater, Gooimeer and Markermeer lakes are ideal locations for water sports. Rent a canoe, learn how to sail or enjoy a boat excursion through the city; whatever you choose to do you’re guaranteed to experience an exciting day out, enjoying the beautiful weather.

In a nutshell

If you fancy a day at the beach, make it Almere. If you are seeking something more than just relaxation, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in exciting water activities here; sailing, canoeing, waterskiing or surfing. Anything is possible.