The best way to enjoy Almere is by bike. Almere was set out in such a way that the bike is almost always faster than the car. The extensive network of clearly signposted cycle routes make it easy to cycle around town. This is because the bike lanes are entirely separated from the roads and other traffic. It is particularly relaxing and safe to cycle in Almere. We have collected the best cycle routes for you in a handy little guide available at the VVV Almere Tourist Info. There are also some exclusive fascinating routes.

Cycling in Almere

It's just great to cycle in Almere. The city boasts over 440 kilometres of dedicated cycling lanes. Cycling is the best way to discover the loveliest spots. We have a complete network of cycling paths available for you to set out your own tour to suit your own preference and distance. All cycle routes run in both directions, following numbered signposts from junction to junction.

Seven lovely cycling Routes Almere

The VVV Almere Tourist Info has put together a range of enjoyable runs of varying length, each taking in a different part of Almere. This will serve up the whole city to you. Use is made of the extensive, signposted cycle route system and all ensure you pass a café or restaurant. Available from the VVV Almere Tourist Info and various other information centres. Each route costs €0.75.

Hire a bike

Bikes and e-bikes can be hired from the VVV Almere Tourist Info. For more information you can call 036- 548 5041 or send an e-mail to

Almere Stad route

This special route runs through Almere's centre and is incredibly diverse, featuring for example wonderful water areas and some amazing architecture. Cycle through the Filmwijk district, where architects were presented with the exciting and innovative challenge of coming up with designs which could become future trend setters. The route will lead you on to the Lepelaarplassen nature reserve; a paradise of water and birds. This cycling route is 31 kilometres long.

Architecture route

Almere is recognised for its modern architecture. Remarkable buildings by famous internationally acclaimed architects pepper the city. Almere is one of the top destinations for architecture in the Netherlands and forms part of the European New Towns network. Almere offers much talked about buildings by leading architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Herman Hertzberger and Liesbeth van der Pol. This 35 kilometres long cycling route will take you past the most beautiful buildings.

Vogelvlucht route

The Vogelvlucht route starts at the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, an outstanding area of natural beauty extending to over 56 km2. The area includes reeds, water, marshes, open meadows and is home to a plethora of wild animals. The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is exceptional for the Netherlands and in Europe. With a bit of luck you might spot a sea eagle. Discover also the exclusive Eilandenbuurt and Regenboogbuurt districts. This cycling route is 27 kilometres long.
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Growing Green City

Following the Growing Green City route you will discover among other things the Floriade exhibition and garden festival site, the modern centre and the De Kemphaan Country Park. This 21 kilometres cycling route will show you what a ‘Green Growing City’ Almere is.

Landscape route

The landscape route will transport you through open landscapes with extraordinary woodlands, such as Kathedralenbos and Cirkelbos. You can also enjoy some time out with a drink on one of the café terraces in the Almere Haven harbour and marina area. The landscape route is 33 kilometres long.

Nature route

Discover the outstanding natural areas surrounding Almere. This 24 kilometres run will whisk you through some of the region’s delightful woodlands, water regions and attractive highlights. Discover the De Kemphaan Country Park, the Weerwater lake and the Het Vroege Vogelbos woods.

Noorderplassen route

Water is the Noorderplassen route’s theme. Noorderplassen is a water-rich natural area and a great spot to visit, particularly in fine weather. Let the wind blow the cobwebs from your mind whilst peddling on the Markermeer lake dike. You will also pass Pampushout, one of Almere's most popular woodlands. This cycling route is 18 kilometres long.
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Discover Almere


There is a range of highlights to enjoy when cycling. Relax with a drink by the waterside or admire the fascinating architecture. Discover the highlights.

Almere City guide

This pocket-sized city guide presents all the good things Almere has to offer. And there are quite a few! Spot sea eagles at the unique Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. Go shopping in Almere Centrum or spend the night in a timber lodge in a nearby wood. You will find full information in the city guide. These free guides are available from the VVV Almere Tourist Info at De Diagonaal 199 (Almere Centrum). You can also view the guide online.

Bicycle rent

To rent a bike, head for the VVV Almere Tourist Info, where you will find the best bikes at a competitive rate. Visit us or contact us for more information. You will also find a range of cycling routes and full information about Almere in our shop.