The World Expo Floriade Amsterdam Almere will open its doors in 2022. You can find out more information about this world horticultural exhibition here.

Floriade 2022

What can green thinking do for you and the world? Floriade Almere 2022 aims to answer this question. For six months during the World Expo the impact of flowers and plants, healthy food, green innovations and groundbreaking architecture will be central in the city. You will learn, experience and contribute to what is destined to be the greenest and most innovative city in the Netherlands. The impact will be international, as the entire planet wants to understand how we can live together in the greenest, healthiest way.
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7th exhibition

The theme of this seventh international horticultural exhibition is "Growing Green Cities" and will involve global urbanisation, such as energy and food supplies and climate change. The Floriade will be a living laboratory, a test bed for research into innovative systems in the area of residual waste streams, water purification and mobility and most particularly food production. Floriade 2022, held in the heart of Almere, will combine the best of two worlds. On the one hand we have the drive for innovation in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands in the areas of food production, health and sustainability. And on the other hand to be a "green" city: pleasant, healthy and self-sufficient.

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