Great places to play; indoors and outdoors

There are plenty of great things for kids to do in Almere. If the weather is not great there are various indoor fun places. And when the sun shines there are of course lots of exciting outdoor activities. Try a treasure trail through the town or a nature trail, or maybe you would like to build a den... or see the monkeys at the De Kemphaan Country Park... or eat your pancakes on a pirate ship? There is no shortage of things to do and see in Almere.
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What will you do?

Fancy something sporty or would you rather do something relaxing? Most things are possible. For example there’s an excellent cinema, where you can enjoy an entertaining movie. Feel like a bite to eat? There are pancake restaurants where along with the delicious treat you can spend time in the play areas, making these restaurants an excellent destination for a fun day out. Not a big fan of pancakes? There are many other excellent restaurants to cater to your taste in and around Almere, for example in the harbour area, in the centre or at the various nature reserves.

There are also plenty of activity events and destinations for kids, where they can run wild, such as play islands, treasure hunts, swimming pools, mini-golf and much much more besides. There is a comprehensive selection of activities to choose from, suitable for when it is raining and when the sun shines. Attractive winter options include the cinema and the bowling alley. Outdoor activities are abundant in the summer months, such as laser gaming, swimming from one of the many beaches, climbing in the climbing forest; just about anything is possible.

Excursions and tips for everyone

All parents wish to see their child having fun. A day out in Almere will certainly do the trick. The children can play at the Kids Playground or one of the other play paradises; a full fun time is guaranteed. There is a wide range of options for the smaller and the slightly older kids. All children of course also have their own individual interests and hobbies which can be the theme of their stay in Almere. Almere has so much to offer; when will you come and visit fun and child friendly Almere?

Drop in at the VVV Almere Tourist Info for the best, most up-to-date excursions and tips for children.