Do you enjoy getting out and about in the natural environment? Come to Almere; you will discover woodlands, parks, beaches and an abundance of water. Almeerderhout is Almere's largest wooded area, which consists of four different woodlands each with their very own atmosphere. A visit to the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is to glimpse the Netherlands’ past thousands of years ago. Nature has reclaimed the old seabed to create a unique place both in the Netherlands and in Europe. Have a look here and see what you can find out about this wonderful natural environment.

Nature parks

Almere has plenty of small parks great for picnicking, walking, playing and just about anything else that takes your fancy. In fine weather Almere’s parks are a delightful place to be.


Almere benefits from many woodlands including the large Almeerderhout wooded area. As well as the greenery and trees, there are ample fun activities to get involved in, such as climbing, survival challenges and golf. Alternatively you can enjoy a gentle relaxed walk or go cycling. Other woodlands apart from Almeerderhout include Zuiderzee Speelbos and Kotterbos.


Did you know that Almere boasts a coastline of over 42 kilometres and has the largest catamaran beach in Europe? Located at the Muiderzand Marina this beach is also an official kite-surfing location. The long coastline means a wealth of wonderful beaches for playing, relax or taking a dip. Young and old, big and small, Almere's beaches are freely accessible to all. Grab your bike, take the car or board a bus or train and make for the beach.


Lepelaarplassen is a magnificent nature reserve and a paradise for birdwatchers. Weerwater, the lake right in the heart of Almere, is a safe and versatile stretch of water and an excellent place for swimming, sailing, waterskiing and plenty more. As well as all that water within the city, Almere is surrounded by three major lakes: Gooimeer, Markermeer and IJmeer.
Wilde natuur dichtbij de stad_De Nieuwe Wildernis
dagje weg strand in almere
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The unique Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve is close to Almere. This remarkable area of natural beauty was documented and captured for the big screen resulting in the most successful Dutch nature film of all time: De Nieuwe Wildernis (The New Wilderness). Go on an expedition with a ranger and discover the natural habitats of red deer, Konik horses, white-tailed sea eagles, foxes and kingfishers. Catch your breath at the welcoming Gasterij de Oostvaarders café at the Oostvaarders Experience Nature Centre. Binoculars are provided for you to watch the animals in close up.

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