The story of this part of the Netherlands' 'new land' is a unique one. For centuries the Dutch resisted the water with dikes, dams and drainage systems. The struggle with the Zuiderzee was won among other things by reclaiming over 1,800 square kilometres of land. This is how Flevoland came into being; the largest polder in the world, which lies an average five meters below sea level. Its remarkable history, the special natural areas created, modern architecture, beaches and water sports opportunities; all are ample reasons for taking a closer look at this new land. 

Almere is the largest city in Flevoland as well as the youngest in the Netherlands. A ‘New Town’, the city was planned on a blank piece of paper; a veritable paradise for modern architecture. The twin track approach of a modern city with all its culture and entertainment requirements, balanced by large natural areas has resulted in an exceptional solution. Or more precisely, this is what makes Almere so unique.

Various remarkable nature reserves have been created down the years, among which is Oostvaardersplassen. This is a protected, marshland providing wintering grounds for migrating birds and where nature has been allowed to reclaim its own. Bird watching, an excursion to observe the roe deer or a photo safari to catch the large roaming herbivores all make this an absolute paradise for nature lovers. Discover Almere's natural beauty.

Almere is a paradise for watersports lovers. Sail past Almere from the Gooimeer to the Markermeer lake. Start at Almere Haven with its inviting restaurants at the Havenkom and take in the skyline, the castle and the exclusive nature reserves at the Noorderplassen lakes. You re-enter the Markermeer at the De Blocq van Kuffeler pumping station. You don’t own a boat? No problem, you can hire a dinghy, canoe or paddle boat at various locations.